Machine Learning as many of you know being the most popular knowledge domain that’s at a hype these days . The reason is its essentiality in real world scenarios , helping enterprises to deal with data effectively and increase productivity as well as profit. Learning has three broad techniques ,which are Supervised, Unsupervised and Reinforcement Learning . In this article we will discuss these in brief and deal mainly with Supervised methods of learning.

Your ML model is simply an algorithm written most commonly in python language, since it is the most popular because of simplicity .

Overview of Supervised…

I would like to share a story with my friends today🤗

This was months before while I was into some work ✌️and I had my sister sitting besides. My neighbor, a young muslim girl, in 11th grade, just came to call my sister to play with her👭.

Some random talk suppossed to happen. And my sister who was in 4th grade 🙇‍♀️was asking her why doesn’t her brother help their mother in households. She always see the girl working with her mother while none of her did anything. 🤷‍♀️

And the reply was very intresting 🙂, actually disturbing. It was…

Surabhi S

ML enthusiast

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